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Korean Unique & Only Activities1: Bullfighting & Lost Kingdom Area

2 Times a week Friday & Saturday

1st Day

16:00pm Pick up & Meet Guide at Gyeongju Train Station(KTX Station) or Tourists accommodation

16:00~17:00 Transfer to Gyeongju Expo& Bomun Lake

17:00~18:00 Tour & Walking around Gyeongju Expo

18:00~18:30 Transfer to Gyochon Village

18:30~19:30 Dinner

19:30~20:30 Gyochon Village Night Tour

20:30~22:00 East Palace Night Tour

22:00~23:00 Cheomseongdai(astronomical observatory) Night Tour

23:00~ Transfer to accommodation & Check In

2nd Day

08:00~10:00am Meet Guide & Transfer to Cheongdo Bull Fighting

10:00~11:00 Bull Fighting Tour

11:00~12:00 Winery Cave

12:00~13:30 Lunch

13:30~14:30 Transfer to Goryong Lost Kingdom Museum

14:30~15:30 Museum Tour

15:30~16:00 Transfer to Traditional Village(Gaisil Village)

16:00~17:00 Experience Korea’s Traditional Activities(Making Korean Taffy etc)

17:00~19:00 Transfer to Gyeongju Station(KTX) or Tourists accommodation